Near Patient Information

We, as Kolan International Hospital, adopt as our mission to become an institution which does not compromise on medical ethical rules, is respectful for patient rights, and meets patient expectations in high quality and cost-efficiently. Accordingly, we, together with all Kolan International doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, wish to be beside you at all times whenever you need us and with our “patient-focused” service approach.

Your satisfaction is our sine qua non. We are trying to make your experience in Kolan International Hospital a period of safety, peace and comfort both for you and for your family. We are at all times ready to listen to your wishes and suggestions regarding our services. And we have prepared this manual in order to give more information to you and your visitors with respect to our institution and our services. We thank you for choosing Kolan International Hospital for your medical care and treatment, and wish you healthy day.

When coming to our hospital, please do not forget:

  • Your identity card or driving license;
  • Your health insurance (social security) card, referral form or health carnet;
  • If requested by your doctor, your past medical records, x-rays or other analysis and test results; and
  • Your personal belongings deemed necessary, and a list of all medical and herbal drugs you are currently taking.

Admission to Hospital:

When you arrive at Kolan International Hospital, you will be welcome by patient consultants who will check all your identity data and your appointment. The healthcare team in charge of you throughout your hospitalization period will check the accuracy of your name, surname and birth date before radiological or other analyses and tests.

For identification of the medical and administrative team members who will take care of you after admission to your relevant Division in the Hospital, all Kolan International Hospital employees carry an identity card with name, photograph, division and job. If a person without an identity card is dealing with you, for your security, please ask his/her identity and job.

Throughout your hospitalization period, all employees in charge of you will personally introduce themselves to you. You can ask to our team all kinds of questions crossing your mind with respect to your medical care and treatment, and ask them to contribute to your care and treatment.

To be involved in your treatment planning is your most important responsibility and right. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, physiotherapists and administrative officers and all other personnel of Kolan International Hospital are liable to collaborate with you for your comfort throughout your hospitalization period.


One or more doctors may be involved in your treatment throughout your stay in Kolan International Hospital. Your practicing physician admitting you to hospital will take care of you, and request the tests and analyses required for diagnosis purposes and prescribe the required drugs to you. If deemed necessary, he/she establishes the required coordination with other divisions, and decides when you will be discharged. Floor responsible doctor will also deal with you at all times during your stay in our Hospital.


One of the most important members of healthcare team who will make sure that you completely make use of all treatment and care services needed by you is, of course, nurses. They support you in your daily life activities and help you in determination of your healthcare needs, and in your establishing an effective communication with your doctor, and in your better understanding the treatment and care process. They apply your medical treatments, and share your health-related information with doctors and other members of healthcare team, and prepare safe care environments for you. They further reinforce and strengthen communication among all healthcare team members in charge of you. Furthermore, they train you so as to ensure that you acquire the knowledge and skills required for your health.


Pharmacist is a specialist cooperation with doctors and nurses in order to make sure that patients get the best result out of drugs and therapies. Pharmacist is an active and important member of our healthcare team. They prepare the drugs needed for your treatment, and closely monitor your treatment so as to avoid allergies and other probable drug and food interactions.

Floor Patient Consultants:

They are assigned to help you at all times by informing you about use of your room during your stay in our Hospital, and giving assistance to you for resolution of problems, and getting the required appointments, and with respect to admission to and discharge from hospital.


Kolan International Hospital further employs specialized dieticians in charge of your correct nutrition in close cooperation with doctors and nurses. Our dieticians prepare your menus making choices from among many food alternatives in tandem with your needs and wishes.