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Medical Technology

Advanced radiological methods and the most up-to-date applications are available for your use.

What is likely to be said about today’s most prominent magnetic resonances in your education regarding brain health in your education.

within the scope of muscular system system radiology; Our applications of herniation in the vertebrae and designs that are among the education and training practices at school in the joints.

With our Computed Tomography device, in general, in practiimous organs in the lungs, large bones and large organs in the abdomen; It can be determined with precision such as Tumor, Inactivated, Fracture, Bleeding.
In addition, the services we offer at HGS, which is among the current practices in health.

We serve you with ultrasonography and color doppler ultrasound by our physicians, who are very talented in putting them on the side of the fast and safe in daily practice.

From time to time, discharge of fluid in various organs in the airport, discharge of fluid in the loading, removal from the abdominal parenchymal organs, thyroid diseases in the case of the gland thyroids.

With the densitometry device, possible osteophrosis can be evaluated as a bone if you are sure of your health.

Multix Swing (X-Ray)

Magnetom Essenza - MRI

Somatom Spirit

Mammomat 3000


Planmeca Proline XC

Luminos RF

Polymobile Plus

Acuson X300

Voluson S8