Patients and Visitors

Dear Visitors and Attendants,

We are fully aware of the fact that support of friends and relatives and personal relations with beloved ones will make positive effects on healing process during hospitalization period of our patients.

However, you are hereby kindly requested to take note of the following warnings both for your patient’s health and your own health.

Visiting Rules:

In our Hospital, visiting hours are between 10:00 and 22:00 both in week days and at weekends.

Please contact the supervisor nurse for extraordinary situations for visit purposes (e.g. emergency patients).

Children smaller than 12 have a low body resistance. Please do not bring them for a visit to hospital for the sake of their own health.

We are applying a diet program specifically designed for our patients in our Hospital. Please do not bring any food and/or beverages to rooms.

We are not permitting live flowers in rooms due to infection risk. You can deliver your flowers to the assigned person by taking a “flower card” for giving to your patient after he/she is discharged.

After a surgery or surgical intervention, your patient’s doctor will come to room for information purposes. Therefore, during surgeries, please wait for your patient in his/her room.

After a surgery, for the sake of health of your patient, maximum two visitors must be allowed in the patient room.

During your visit, for hygiene reasons, please do not sit on patient beds. During your visit, hand hygiene is critically important both for you and for your patient. For this reason, please use the hand disinfectants in patient rooms both before and after your visit.

Please limit your visiting time by 10 minutes per visit.

While you are in our Hospital, please refrain from disturbing acts and activities for the comfort of patients. Please take care of warnings about use of mobile phones.

If the doctor has banned admission of visitor and/or attendant by the patient, please abide by this rule for his/her health.

Attendance Rules:

For the sake of health of your patient and other patients, maximum 1 attendant is permitted to stay in patient rooms.

Attendant is admitted only in our single rooms.

Only attendant must remain in the patient room after 22:00 at night.

We are applying a diet program designed specifically for our patients. We have a separate attendant menu for you during your attendance. Please do not bring foods and/or beverages to the room.

In our Hospital, care of patients is only under responsibility of our medical personnel. Please do not make any intervention to the patient.

Attendants are not allowed in intensive care divisions of our Hospital.

Please specifically take note of the following rules:

For comfort of your patient and other patients, please do not speak loudly and make noise in rooms and service corridors. Please consider the warnings about use of mobile phones.

Please use TVs in rooms so as not to disturb others.

Please inform the floor responsible nurse in change of attendants.