About Us

Within our hospital we have 26 physicians who are specialist in their respective fields of medicine. Other staffs total 85 including nurses, cleaners, maintenance staff, drivers, laundry, laboratory technicians, administration staff and computer technology staff. Using the latest technology and equipment we offer angiography, and stent procedures, with fully qualifies and experienced staff on call 24 hours a day. We perform open heart surgery, coronary by-pass and beating heart surgery together with heart valve replacement.

We can perform laparoscopic surgery and micro- surgery and most other surgeries within three operating room. We also specialise in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

We have an MRI machine, computerised topography, Ultra sound, X Ray, Mammography, Bone Density machine, Kidney Stone machine, audiometry services all available 24/7.

We undertake gastroscopy and colonoscopy,

In our hospital our biochemical laboratory is fully equipped and we can perform comprehensive tests on blood and hormones.