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Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery (Mammoplasty)

The body may suffer from various deformations or tissue – organ function losses as a result of diseases, accidents, operations, tumors, burns, etc. These losses may deeply affect the human life. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a branch of surgery aiming to repair and correct the congenital or subsequently acquired tissue and organ function losses in body. It tries to complete deficiencies, replace the required functions, and strengthen the weaknesses. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is repair and restructuring surgery.

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery (Mammoplasty):

Breast enlargement operation, named as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical operation performed in order to enlarge the size and shape of female breasts.

  • This surgery may be applied in the following cases:
  • For personal reasons in women who find their breasts too small; or
  • In order to correct the breasts which downsize after pregnancy; or
  • For the sake of symmetry of breasts of different sizes; or
  • For breast reconstruction purposes after breast cancer surgery.

Aesthetic surgeons may increase breast circumference of women by one or several brassiere measures with breast prosthesis implanted behind breasts.

Women with large and droopy breasts may be exposed to back and neck pains, skin irritations, bone abrasion and respiratory problems because of these heavy tissues. In addition, bra straps cause notches on shoulder due to this weight. Breast reduction operation is termed as “reduction mammoplasty” in medicine. This procedure is the operation of removal of surplus fat, skin and breast tissues in order to make the breasts appear smaller, lighter and fuller. At the same time, this operation further reduces areola, i.e. the dark zone around nipples. Breast reduction operation also covers mastopexy.

With the effects of pregnancy, lactation and gravitational force, breast tissues of all women indispensably droop as time passes. In addition, loss of skin flexibility by aging also contributes to droopy appearance and structure of breasts. The operation named mastopexy aims to reshape and steepen the droopy breasts. Of course, this operation does not eliminate the effects of gravitational force. Therefore, breasts undergoing mastopexy tend to droop again by time varying from person to person. Mastopexy at the same time reduce areola, i.e. the dark zone around nipples, thereby giving a more aesthetic appearance thereto. If your breast tissue is small or its sizes are reduced due to such a reason as pregnancy, through implantation of a breast prosthesis in the same operation, in addition to steepening, it may also be possible for you to have desired breast sizes.