Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Kolan British Hospital

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

“Plastic” means formable in etymology. “Reconstructive” means repair, and is a medical branch that is intended for the surgical improvement of innate or acquired disfigurations and malformations. Plastic surgery is involved in any surgical problems of the body exterior. Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery is a sub branch of plastic surgery. It aims to beautify and improve the physical appearance for the better. Cosmetic surgery is the area where the surgical and artistic skills meet.

Conditions and procedures within the scope of Plastic Surgery are categorized as follows:

  • Facial trauma and cuts (treatment of facial bone fractures)
  • Inborn anomalies: Hair lip, cleft palate, hypspadia, polydactylism, syndactylism (fused digits), hemogron (?), etc.
  • Malign skin tumors and healing
  • Hand surgery and microsurgery
  • Burns, chronic wounds (bed wounds, diabetic wounds, etc)
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Some of the surgical procedures performed in our hospital;
  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Aesthetics)

This is a surgical modification of the eyelids for the removal of excess tissues and fats.

Rhinoplasty (Nasal Cosmetic Surgery)

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed for the reconstruction of the nasal bone and cartilage.

The procedure may be also accompanied by septorhinoplasty when applicable for breathing difficulties.

Procedures for Ear Malformations:

Surgical procedures intended for ear improvement in conditions such as prominent ears, missing ear, etc:

    • Mammoplasty
    • Breast Enlargement
    • Breast Reduction or Straightening
    • Breast Reconstruction (New Breast Construction)
    • Excessively large breasts may lead to undesirable conditions such as increased weight, shoulder pain; cuts caused by underwear straps, moisture and associated fungal infections. In addition to reduction procedures for large breasts, we also perform surgical breast enlargement. Breast straightening as well as breast reconstruction for patients who underwent mastectomy for cancer are also performed.

Abdominoplasty – Liposuction

Excess deposits of fat, and malformation of the body contour in the abdominal area and other parts of the body as a result of weight gain and pregnancy can be improved with vacuum liposuction and tummy tuck surgery.

Gynecomastia (Abnormal Male Breast Development)

Gynecomastia is the development of female type mammary glands in males and can be cured with surgical treatment.

Reconstruction of malformations of the legs and arms

Removal of scars and tattoos on the face and other parts of the body

Hand SurgeryMicrosurgery is suitable for the repair of tissue loss (phleb, grafting) in all types of injuries of the hand; repair of the vessels, nerves, tendons bones and similar elements and limb loss recovery. Surgical treatment is also possible for innate anomalies, carpal tunnel syndrome, dupuytren’s contracture and trigger finger.