Check - Up Center

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Check-up, in other words “personal health screening”, aims to diagnose any possible diseases at an early stage and take relevant preventive measures, thereby ensuring a healthy life for individuals. Check-up involves physical examination and medical inspections aiming to diagnose insidiously developing diseases, if any, at an early stage even though patients do not have a specific complaint or problem.

In Kolan British Hospital Check–up Center, risk analyses are conducted for diagnosis of any disease symptoms in internal organs, detection of latent diabetes, cholesterol, cardiac diseases, alcohol-related disorders, hepatitis B, the most prevalent cancer types such as breast-uterine-colon cancers and possible gender and lifestyle related health risks, and hereditary disease risks as well as provision of an early diagnosis.

Overweight patients are offered consultancy on how to lead a healthy life as part of the check-up program where personal analyses are conducted.