Reconstructive Microsurgery - Kolan British Hospital

Reconstructive Microsurgery

“Reconstruction” means rebuilding and reforming. Reconstructive microsurgery operations aim to reconstruct an integrally, anatomically and functionally impaired body tissue by using tissues removed from another zone together with vessels and nerves under microscope.

Reconstructive Microsurgery Operations:

  • Grafting of ruptured organs (hand, arm, fingers, ears, scalp).
  • Nerve and vessel repairs.
  • Repair of all kinds of tissue defects and completion of deficiencies.
  • Breast reconstruction after cancer.
  • Jawbone reconstruction.
  • Reconstruction of leg – arm bones after tumor surgery.
  • Treatment of facial palsy.
  • Finger transplant from foot to hand.
  • Lymph edema treatment.
  • Closure of open wounds.
  • Closure of chronic wounds.