Lipoabdominoplasty - Kolan British Hospital


Before entering into details of the abdomen lifting operation (lipoabdominoplasty), to describe the ideal abdominal anatomy is greatly important for understanding this operation. Ideal abdominal anatomy means an anatomic structure with evident side waist curves, and a slight concavity above the belly and a partial convexity under the belly, and image of abdominal muscles on both sides of umbilicus (belly-button).

Classical abdomen lifting operations aim to correct only drooping skins and slackened abdominal muscles. Therefore, creases may remain at side waist zones due to surplus fats, and even lower abdominal zone may be rather tense and flat, while upper abdominal zone may have a curved appearance. On the other hand, purposes of lipoabdominoplasty are deepening of side waist curves, and removal of surplus lipoidosis and ptosis at lower abdominal zone, and non-existence of surplus tension at the mid-line, and additionally, removal of surplus lipoidosis and flabbiness at upper abdominal zone.