Leg Aesthetics - Kolan British Hospital
Beauty of legs is very important especially for woman body. Women having problems with their legs may be exposed to serious problems such as self-confidence and choice of dress. It may lead to some problems which seem simple, but are very important in human life, such as hiding legs by loose trousers, and looking enviously at women wearing mini skirt, and particularly, avoiding such social activities as swimming pool and sea in summer months. Basic problems of legs are as follows: Parenthesis leg appearance, too thin or too thick legs, and asymmetric leg appearance. Basic methods employed for resolution of these problems are fat injection, use of silicone prosthesis, and liposuction. As in all aesthetic interventions, first of all, patient is asked to express her complaints, and after determination of examination findings, the method to be applied is chosen. Surgical planning and drawing are prepared for the patient depending on the method to be applied. Drawing bears great importance in surgical planning, and it is required to work interactively with active participation of the patient. If this is done, postoperative patient satisfaction level will be very high.