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Genital Aesthetics

Aesthetic and functional correction of vagina, inguinal zone and vaginal lip disorders in women constitutes the aesthetic surgery field. Other aesthetic operations include downsizing of vaginal labial minora, and restoration and downsizing of labial majora, and fat injection, or vaginal constriction.

Vaginal constriction operations, and uncontrolled episiotomy incisions in postnatal women, and multiparous women, and advanced age and structural features lead to expansion in vaginal wall. These disorders are both non-aesthetic, and may cause problems in sexual intercourse.

Shape, color and size of vaginal labial minora vary depending on race and age. Labial minora are not symmetric because one is generally larger or longer than the other. These problems may be congenital or subsequently acquired. As surplus parts of labial minora transpirate, they may emit a bad smell. Surplus parts of labial minora which have an aesthetically bad appearance or cause pain during sexual intercourse may be removed.