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Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics generally and mostly refers to correction of aging-related changes for many people. In fact, one of the important dimensions of facial aesthetics is to have an attractive and eye-catching facial appearance, in addition to correction of aging signs, if any. To this end, many known and new methods are employed in aesthetic and plastic surgery. Stem cell therapies, lasers, ultrasonography and radiofrequency instruments, special fillings and operation methods developed in the recent years have brought important advancements and have facilitated successful results in this field. Eye and its contours are the zones where aging signs are seen first. What are these signs and changes? First of all, crows feet and clarification of forehead lines, and then, bags in eyelids, followed by sagging of upper and lower eyelids and brows. These aging signs are further accompanied by such slower changes as deepening in lines on cheek and nose intersection, sagging in cheeks and flattening of cheekbones, prolapse in neck, and wrinkles on face. At early stages, Botox, filling, PRP and similar other medical therapies are useful for reduction of these signs. At the later stages, for slight to moderate level prolapses and wrinkles, non-surgical skin lifting and resurfacing operations which are applied by newly developed devices such as “Ulthera” and “3DEEP RF” and Palomar ICON and which allow the patient to return to her social life immediately after the operation are useful and helpful in many people. Surgical methods are nowadays the main alternative in treatment of advanced level wrinkles and prolapses. However, in patients who do not want surgery or are not fit for surgery, the aforementioned technologies are useful in reduction of many aging signs. Surgical methods that can be used for this purpose are blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetics), classical skin lifting, endoscopic mid-face lifting and brow lifting, and laser-supported mini face-lifting. Patients prefer especially laser-supported mini face-lift for face and neck lifting operations because it leaves a shorter scar and its healing and recovery process is relatively shorter than classical face lifting.