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Buttock Aesthetics

All operations for buttocks, hips and waist may be collected under the heading of buttock aesthetics. The purpose is to shape and lift buttocks, to remove surplus fat in hips, and to pit and thin waist. To this end, fat is removed by liposuction at places required, while upper parts of buttocks are supported by fat injections. Silicone prosthesis may be used if fat is not sufficient. This process gives a backward hipshot and high buttock appearance. In patients who have lost too much weight and whose skin is loosened, the whole buttocks may be hung upwards by removal of a belt of skin from lower abdomen and upper buttocks.

There are many procedures applicable on buttocks. They may be applied alone or in combination, depending on the patient’s needs.

Liposhaping: Fat is removed from hips, waist and lower and outer sides of buttocks by using thin cannulas. The fat removed as above is intensified by special processes, and is given to upper side of buttocks. Thus, waist becomes hollow and thinner, and hips are narrowed. Agglomeration at the lower side of buttocks is corrected, and the lightened buttocks raise. Fat injections make the upper side of buttocks fuller, rounder and higher.

Buttock prosthesis: Silicone buttock prosthesis may be used in patients with flattened buttocks and without adequate fat tissue. These prostheses are specifically designed for buttocks. Prostheses are recently implanted inside muscles. This process has materially reduced the problems arising out of buttock prostheses. Prostheses are implanted through a short incision on the groove between buttocks, and operational scars are not visible.

Buttock lifting: Particularly after an excessive loss of weight, buttocks also prolapse downwards together with the whole leg skin. Emptied and slackened skin is removed in the form of a belt, together with abdominal lifting. These processes are called “belt lipectomy”. An all-round operational scar remains fully inside the underwear. This process tightens the buttocks and leg skin. If the lower part of buttocks is slackened, a part of skin may be removed in such manner to leave its operational scars inside the groove at the lower part of buttocks.

Suture hangers: In weak patients with a thin skin and small buttocks, small prolapses developing by time may be reduced by suture hangers. For hanger, the sutures applied in silhouette lift are used, and hanging procedure is applied in two sessions with an interval of 3 months. In the first session, sutures are implanted, and left for integration with body tissues. In the second session, hanging process is applied. Effects of hanger are weak and short-time.

Filling applications: Hyaluronic acid fillings may be used in patients with flattened buttocks and without adequate fat for fat injection, who do not want prostheses. The most known brand is Macrolane. Macrolane fillings endure for approximately 1 year.