Pediatric Health and Diseases

The Pediatric Clinic of the Kolan Hospital Group is serving our pediatric patients in specially designed, colorful rooms, lounges and playrooms.

Kolan Pediatric Department provides medical diagnostic and treatments services in all areas with its medical team of specialized professionals and a specially designed polyclinic equipped with high end technology, ward and ICU.

Our Pediatric Unit endeavors for a healthy generation and the rapid and correct treatment of our pediatric patients. Infants monitored from the intrauterine (prenatal) stage are followed up within the scope of programs involving postnatal mental-motor development, nutrition, vaccination and preventive medicine. Our department also keeps track of correct child nutrition, growth, development, vaccination programs as well as the complete routine diseases and allergies during infantry.

Our neonatal care units are equipped with the most advanced systems and devices. Our experienced team of specialists and nurses provide 24-hour uninterrupted service at our full-fledged clinics with complete medical and technical infrastructure as required not only by pediatric departments, but also by pediatric surgery clinics.