ECG - Kolan British Hospital

ECG is a device used for ultrasonographic imaging of the heart and assessment of structural disorders (holes, stenosis, contraction power of the heart). It allows immediate referral of patients to receive the required treatment in neonate intensive care unit of our hospital especially in babies who will need immediate cardiac intervention.  

Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory: It allows acquisition of additional measurements and images required for surgical interventions in congenital cardiac diseases in which cardiographic examination is insufficient. Since imaging is very important in treatments performed by “Cardiac Catheter” method, high technology echocardiography and angiography are used in our hospital.

Catheter Method: Some newborn babies with congenital cardiac diseases are non-surgically treated with this method by such interventions as creating an interatrial puncture and keeping the orifice between carotid and pulmonary vein open.

Stenosis (in valves or veins) between atria, ventricles or veins are non-surgically treated by catheter method by placement of a device or using a balloon.