Lasik / Ilasik - Kolan British Hospital

LASIK: During the operation, a drop of anesthetic is first dropped into your eye and after the eye area is cleaned, a sterile cover is attached to your eyelids. Then, a special device that will keep your eyelids open is placed between your eyelids. Following this, a vacuum ring that will keep the microkeratome device fixed on the surface of the eye is placed in the eye, and some pressure is felt in the eye during vacuum application. After the flap layer is formed, the vacuum is terminated and the microkeratome device is separated from the eye. Following the removal of the flap layer, the patient is asked to look at a light inside the laser device. This light is the fixation light that allows the eye to stay in a certain position during the treatment and the laser shots to be applied to the correct points. Excimer laser device has a security system (tracker) that stops laser shots if the patient cannot focus on the fixation light or keep his eye stable during the treatment. The doctor starts laser treatment after making sure that the patient’s eye is in the correct position. A clicking sound is heard during laser shots, and an odor similar to that created when the hair is burned can be heard. In order to correct the patient’s current eye defect, after the laser treatment, which was previously programmed on the computer, is completed, the flap layer is closed again and the procedure is completed after waiting for a while to adhere itself to its original place. After repeating the same procedures for the treatment of the other eye, the patient is taken to the resting room and after 15 minutes, the condition of the flap layer is checked again with a microscope and sent to his home.

ILASIK: In LASIK surgery, the device called microkeratome creates a thin layer called flap in the cornea layer with the help of a metal blade. Intralase is a recently developed technology that uses a special laser instead of a knife to create the flap layer. The steps following the creation of the flap layer with Intralase are the same as for classical LASIK.