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Joint Diseases

Bones are active tissues constituting the structure of our body. Bone and joint diseases may occur in the body within time.


It is the weakening and fragility of bones due to decreased bone mass. Excessive salt and cafein consumption, use of drugs increasing calcium excretion, insufficient consumption of calcium in youth, immobility and extreme thinness play role in occurrence of osteoporosis. Healthy nutrition and practicing appropriate exercises are required during treatment period in order to recover from osteoporosis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Its cause is not fully known. It manifests itself with pain, swelling and hardening in joints. Excess synovial fluid is produced between joints, and this disease mostly occurs in thin persons. Patients must follow the healthy nutrition program prepared by dietician to prevent further different health problems and increase life quality.


It is a disease usually seen in overweight persons as a result of joint injuries. Some nutrients may be excreted in higher quantities due to the drugs used; therefore, patients must follow a healthy nutrition program.


Gout is a disease causing accumulation of some substances in joints and soft tissues due to a defect in amino acid metabolism. Risk factors for a disease called secondary gout are obesity, diabetes and cardiac diseases. Gout patients must practice an individualized healthy nutrition program suitable for their diseases and own characteristics to prevent substance accumulation in joints and soft tissues and gout comas.