Nutrition and Diet

Our nutritional and diet department provides services in all nutritional fields including corporate nutrition; nutrition for infants, children, adults, elderly, pregnant – lactating patients, overweight and underweight nutrition, and disease specific nutritional treatment (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal disorders, digestive system disorders, etc.).

Suitable inpatient nutritional programs are scheduled and implemented on a regular basis for our patients throughout their hospitalization, and a proper nutritional training and follow-up is provided where necessary.

Our dietary section provides healthy nutritional programs and follow-up for the most healthy nutrition of mothers and pregnant patients in order to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy and to meet the nutritional requirements of the mother and child as well as to prevent weight gain during lactation and to support a high quality and sufficient maternal milk. Health nutrition is the core of the treatment of diabetes. Custom and dietary programs specific to our diabetic patients are available to prevent complications, provide a successful treatment and improve the quality of life.

Healthy weight loss and weight gain also require an adequate and well balanced nutritional program. Our diet department develops and implements suitable package programs for weight loss and weight gain customized depending on the nutritional habits, health condition, biochemical analysis, and body age of our over and underweight patients.

Nutritional requirements vary depending on the individual age group and current age. Our diet department implements dietary treatments to assist proper nutritional habits in the fields of infant nutrition, pediatric nutrition for overweight children, malnourished children, and nutrition in the adulthood and older age.