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Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a modern life disease. Metabolic syndrome threatens the individuals working in immobile and dormant environments and its incidence is increasing in our country just like all over the world.

The population group mostly affected from this syndrome is white-collar workers with irregular nutrition and working under intensive stress.

Metabolic syndrome increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes mellitus by age. It is required to eliminate the risk factors before this syndrome develops. Large waist circumference, high tension, high cholesterol, and high blood glucose level are symptoms of metabolic syndrome. If not intervened on time, it may pave the way for heart attack, diabetes, stroke and obesity.

Risk Factors

Abdominal Obesity (Waist Circumference)> 88 cm> 102 cm
Triglyceride > 150 mg / dL> 150 mg / dL
HDL-K < 50 mg / dL< 40 mg / dL
Blood Pressure (Tension) 130/85 mm / Hg130 / 85 mm Hg
Fasting Blood Glucose 110 mg / dL110 mg / dL