Internal Diseases

Kolan British Hospital Internal Diseases Division (Internal Medicine) is a discipline standing as a base for all clinic branches.

Specialized medical doctors and relevant healthcare professionals in all branches of Internal Diseases Division work in order to provide the most appropriate and effective healthcare services to patients by using advanced diagnosis and treatment methods and advanced medical technologies.

General Internal Diseases Division of Kolan British Hospital is a center offering outpatient polyclinic examinations, inpatient treatments, preoperative preparations and interventions, emergency service and check-up services with an innovative service approach.

Kolan British Hospital applies check-up programs specifically customized for every age, sex and different complaints. Check-up programs consist of physical examination by specialized medical doctors, and detailed laboratory (blood, urine and feces analyses), radiological and cardiologic analyses, by using all means and advantages provided by advanced technologic products.

Internal Diseases Division diagnosis and treatment unit aims to be an international center carrying out all medical technological applications.

Internal Diseases Division comprises of 6 main sub-divisions:

  • Endocrinology (Hormone Diseases)
  • Gastroenterology (Digestive System Diseases)
  • Rheumatology (Rheumatism Diseases)
  • Nephrology (Renal Diseases and Hypertension)
  • Hematology (Blood Diseases)
  • Oncology (Benign Tumors and Cancer Diseases)

In addition, the Internal Diseases Division is applying a “Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Program” for the elderly. If and when needed, consultations are arranged with such relevant disciplines as neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and physical therapy.