Esophagus and Stomach Diseases

Esophagus (esophagus) and stomach diseases constitute the disease group affecting an important patient group. Poor and unbalanced nutrition (fast-food style diet), some bacteria (H.

The endoscopy method that allows us to observe the esophagus and stomach directly; It is not only helpful in the diagnosis of esophagus and stomach diseases, but also successfully used in the treatment of some diseases such as intra-stomach polyps and bleeding.

Reflux disease, which can cause stomach contents to leak back into the esophagus and cause damage to the esophagus, bleeding, and stenosis and cancer development in the lower parts of the esophagus in untreated patients, has become an important health problem. Early diagnosis of reflux disease and both medical and surgical treatment are important in terms of preventing complications that may develop in this disease.

With the laparoscopic surgery method, which can be successfully applied in the treatment of reflux disease, patients have the opportunity to recover from reflux disease by staying in the hospital for a shorter period of time and with less pain in the postoperative period. In our center, the treatment of reflux disease with laparoscopic surgery can be successfully performed.