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Endocrine System Surgery (Thyroid, Breast Surgery)

Hormonal or endocrine system is of vital importance for functioning of body parts and organs as a whole and in harmony.

Diseases of hormonal system organs and glands are known for a long time and constitute the commonly monitored diseases group. In hormonal system, thyroid, parathyroid and suprarenal glands are within surgery’s field of interest.

Thyroid gland diseases are very frequently observed diseases that may require long-term and even lifelong follow-up and treatment in some cases. Thyroid nodules are the most frequently observed thyroid disease in terms of incidence. Possibility of nodules becoming cancerous and treatment options are the most significant problems regarding this disease.

Parathyroid glands are one of the endocrine system glands with very important hormonal functions and often located adjacent to thyroid glands. Early diagnoses and treatments of hormonal diseases are also important as they may cause permanent damage.

Suprarenal gland is another hormonal system organ and gland with vital importance located on both kidneys.  Thanks to advanced diagnosis methods such as BT and MR in recent years, there is a marked increase in diagnosis of suprarenal diseases. In parallel with this increase, laparoscopic surgery which is a less invasive method has become applicable especially in surgical treatment of benign tumors of suprarenal glands.