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Colon Cancer

Small and large intestinal diseases and anal canal diseases are a vital health problem affecting large masses and impairing quality of life in our day. Factors leading to and facilitating the occurrence of these diseases include constipation caused by malnutrition, daily pressure and stress of living in large and crowded cities and insufficient exercise.

Diagnosis methods enabling direct visual observation of interiors of large intestines and anal canal such as anoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy allow early diagnosis of diseases and treatment of some diseases such as large intestine polyps. Furthermore, BT and MR imaging methods also play an important role in early diagnosis of diseases.

Surgical treatment of large intestinal diseases has witnessed significant developments in recent years, and laparoscopic large intestinal surgeries have been frequently applied in advanced centers including our hospital. Thanks to laparoscopic large intestinal surgeries, patients experience less pain in post-operative period, and their hospitalization period decreases markedly.

In recent years, common anal canal diseases such as hemorrhoidal disease, anal fissure or anal crack and perinatal fistula which affect quality of life have been treated by using less invasive (less painful) or non-surgical treatment methods. Longo surgery applied in our hospital in hemorrhoidal disease treatment can serve as an example for less invasive treatment methods, while perinatal Botox injection applied in anal canal cracks, a very painful disease called anal fissure, is an example of non-surgical treatment methods.

Şişli Kolan International Hospital general surgery department provides services in diagnosis and treatment of large intestinal and anal canal diseases by using our hospital’s modern technology with its experienced staff.