Chest Diseases - Kolan British Hospital

Chest Diseases

In Kolan British Hospital Chest Diseases Department, polyclinic procedures for diagnosis of all lung diseases, allergy tests, respiratory function tests, allergy tests, bronchoscopic procedures and modern treatment methods are performed.

For diagnosis of lung cancer, advanced imaging methods (Multi-Detector Thorax CT, MR, PET-CT) available in our hospital, bronchoscopic examinations, immuno-hystochemical examinations and personal treatment methods are applied. Our council of specialists from Chest Diseases, Chest Surgery, Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology decides on treatment methods.

Spirometry, flow volume curve, reversibility test, 6-minute walk test, artery blood gas measurements are conducted in Respiratory Function Laboratory.

In allergy laboratory, skin tests which are significant for diagnosis of respiratory tract allergies and asthma (prick test), and total and specific immune globulin E (IgE) measurements are performed.

In bronchoscopy laboratory, many lung diseases, notably lung cancer, are diagnosed with rigid bronchoscopy, treated with video bronchoscopy, electrocoagulation, argon plasma coagulation (APC), cryotherapy, and endobronchial stent is placed.

In sleep laboratory, sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated with modern methods in cooperation with Neurology, Ear-Nose-Throat branches by adopting a multidisciplinary approach.

In our smoking cessation clinics, consultation services are provided for cessation of smoking which is a significant risk factor in occurrence of many diseases such as lung cancer, COPD, coronary cardiac diseases, hypertension, vascular diseases and various cancer types.

In patients with respiratory insufficiency, non-invasive methods (CPAP, BPAP) and oxygen therapy are applied in departments in addition to consultation services in intensive care units.