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  • When you visit Kolan British Hospital website, you have to check the conditions of use and the principles of confidentiality included therein.
  • Even if you see the logo of Kolan British Hospital in any website other than this website, this does not mean that these security and confidentiality conditions are valid in that specific website as well.
  • All information given in site and all links in routings are presented to users entirely to inform the visitors, and do not ever have any commercial purpose.
  • All information given in the website mentioned hereinabove belong to Kolan British Hospital.
  • Actions such as updating, changing, removing or rearranging of information in this website may only be taken by, and all rights associated thereto belong to, Kolan British Hospital.
  • Kolan British Hospital hereby disclaims all responsibilities that may arise out of any probable mistakes, deficiencies or changes that may be encountered in the website during updating of information in the aforementioned website.
  • Furthermore, as some statements used in the aforementioned website are future-oriented, they may naturally contain various risks and uncertainties.
  • Any person who accesses to website of Kolan British Hospital and to the relevant micro websites associated therewith is deemed to have accepted the recent version of these Conditions of Use, and any visitor of the website bears full responsibility with respect to all kinds of decisions required to be taken with the information given therein.
  • Information given in the relevant websites can in no case replace any medical treatment or consultation.
  • Website contents cannot be used for selection of any personal diagnosis and treatment method.
  • All information, comments and images relating to all medical processes described herein are only for information purposes and do not ever stand as an advertisement or intend to direct to certain diagnoses and treatments.
  • All legal rights arising out of all materials contained in our page are owned and held by Kolan British Hospital or the original creator of such materials.
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  • Any unsigned use of any material contained in this website is prohibited by copying and reproduction laws, commercial laws, security and promotion laws and communication laws and statutes.
  • Access to website and micro websites belonging to Kolan British Hospital is free and anonymous.
  • Any alteration of any information contained in the relevant websites will be a just cause for initiation of criminal prosecutions thereagainst.
  • Kolan British Hospital should not be deemed to have approved the brand or brands sponsored by it.
  • All kinds of decisions to be taken by using the information published in the website of Kolan British Hospital and its micro websites mentioned hereinabove are in the responsibility of visitors, and Kolan British Hospital can in no case be held liable for present or future damages or losses associated thereto.
  • Furthermore, information given in the aforementioned websites does not contain any commitment given to the users thereof.
  • All sections of website and its micro websites, other than Online Services, may be visited at any frequency you like without giving any personal information, and the required comments and explanations may be read to have more detailed information about our Hospital. For use of our Online Services sections, you are required to be enrolled as a member thereof by filling in your personal information accurately and completely. Name, surname, birth date, sex, marital status, T.R. identity number, education background, profession, telephone number, mobile phone number, address and city information given by you for enrollment as a member in our page will by no means be shared with third parties. However, communication (telephone and e-mail) information shared by you in the relevant site may be used to transmit the requested information to you through our solution partners authorized by Kolan British Hospital.
  • Information given by you in website page of Kolan British Hospital will be used by Kolan British Hospital to access you in a short time and to inform you.
  • Only you can update or delete your personal information via your own screen.
  • You must not ever share your password with anyone after being enrolled as a member in our page.
  • At each of your visits to our website, your IP address is recorded.
  • You can transmit to [email protected] [email protected] mail address all of your complaints, suggestions and information requests about the website.
  • Internet site of Kolan British Hospital may contain links to internet websites other than, but nevertheless our website can in no case be held liable for confidentiality and security policies of such other websites.
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