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IVF Center

“Couples who want to have a baby but who have problems face various physical, emotional and social difficulties while using reproductive techniques. In the selfless struggle to achieve the expected happy ending, many difficulties are endured: To come to the doctor’s check-ups, to undergo various tests and procedures, to use drugs, after the procedures. tense waiting times for the result, financial burden of treatment, etc. We will be with you step by step so that you can spend this troubled and exciting period in the most comfortable and peaceful way. “

Kolan British Hospital IVF Center, with its specialist physicians, primarily investigates the reasons for the problems that prevent your pregnancy or the problems that occur during your pregnancy. Afterwards, the most appropriate treatment is determined and everything is done in order. A huge team of specialists in the fields of obstetrics, embryology, andrology, perinatology and psychology and all other employees are working for you to reach a happy ending.

In our IVF center, transferred embryos can be constantly monitored and kept under control. Recent scientific studies show that providing ideal stabilization under laboratory conditions and continuous follow-up increases pregnancy rates. In Kolan British Hospital IVF Center, these conditions can be met with advanced technology devices such as special microscopes, modern incubators and embryoscopes that allow the selection of the best sperm and eggs, alarm systems that allow continuous monitoring of embryos and with an experienced team, and the possibility of getting positive results in this system increases. “It stands out that male infertility treatment is easier and has a higher chance of success than female infertility treatment.”

When it comes to male infertility, it is revealed that the main reasons are hormonal, genetic reasons, past inflammatory diseases, congenital anomalies, environmental and chemical factors. Modern diagnosis and treatment strategies are applied at Kolan British Hospital, where all andrologically necessary procedures can be performed.