Diseases of Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Wrist and Elbow Joints

Joint diseases are diseases that almost completely destroy our physical health. Because our arms, legs, neck, etc. Every part of our body that we can move makes these movements through joints, and a joint disease that occurs in the joints will restrict the body’s ability to move and cause serious damage to physical health.

Treatment of joint diseases significantly improves the patient’s quality of life. The most common joint diseases;


Genetic Rheumatic Joint Diseases: These are joint diseases that occur due to damage to the soft tissue. These diseases are also known as calcification among the public. Neck, waist, hip, arm, etc. The soft tissue in the joints weakens due to various reasons arising from the immune system, and this causes the joint disease we call arthritis. Causes arising from the immune system include genetic predisposition, infection with microbes, etc. can be listed as. It is generally treated with medication, and if necessary, physical therapy is also applied.


Environmental Rheumatic Joint Diseases: It generally occurs due to the contamination of some microbes in the joint areas. So it is caused by inflammation. It is mostly seen in middle-aged women. As a result of microbe infection in any joint area of the body, joint fluid is secreted much more than normal. This causes the area to become aggravated, the temperature of the joint area to increase excessively, severe pain, etc. causes situations. In this case, it is necessary to detect and treat the type of microbe infecting the joint under the supervision of a doctor. Its treatment is long-term. Even if the inflammation clears and the patient recovers completely, the same joint disease may recur from time to time with fevers and short-term joint pain.

Additionally, joint inflammations; It can be caused by rheumatic reasons as well as diseases such as gonorrhea, dysentery, syphilis and tuberculosis. The treating doctor first determines the disease causing the inflammation and then treats the joint disease by clearing the inflammation.


In addition to damage that may occur from the inside of the joint, external impacts, crushing, force, etc. There is also the possibility of harm in certain situations; We can examine these under the name of joint injuries. Physical damage to the joints; the exact damage to the joint (fracture, dislocation, crush, sprain, etc.), risk of infection, etc. Depending on the factors, it can be eliminated by methods such as medication, ointment and injection. It is very important here that the joint does not become inflamed. Because any inflammation of the joint area; In addition to physical damage, it will also cause one of the joint diseases mentioned above.


The method to be used in the treatment of joint diseases is determined by taking into account physical examinations and tests, aiming to provide the fastest and most effective solution specifically for the patient.