Keratoplasty (Cornea Transplant)

The cornea is a transparent, dome-shaped tissue located in the front of the outer layer of the eye. Cornea transplantation is a surgery where the corneal tissue that has lost its transparency or deformed is removed and replaced with healthy corneal tissue taken from the donor. Corneal transplantation can be performed to improve vision, reduce pain or preserve eye integrity.

In Which Situations Can Corneal Transplantation be Required?

If the cells that keep the cornea transparent after eye surgery are damaged and the cornea becomes cloudy

  • If the shape of the cornea is distorted, for example it becomes conical (keratoconus)
  • In some hereditary corneal diseases
  • If there is scar tissue and new vascularization in the cornea due to infection (for example, after herpes-rubber virus-keratitis)
  • If the cornea becomes cloudy or severely damaged due to accidents
  • If the body rejects tissue after a cornea transplant