Home Health Services



Our patients who want to receive health services at their location or who cannot go to a health institution due to their illness, who have problems in transportation, who are bedridden or who have lost their mobility, will be able to benefit from the HOME HEALTH SERVICES of our hospital.

For detailed information and pricing about our Home Health Services, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 0 392 680 80 80.

Who Can Benefit From Home Health Services?

  • Bedridden patients and the elderly needing care
  • Patients with chronic diseases (Heart, COPD, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Dementia, Hypertension, etc.)
  • Paralyzed patients and people with disabilities
  • People who have undergone surgery
  • New mothers and their babies
  • Mothers who want to be educated about baby care
  • Patients in the terminal period
  • All individuals who want to take tests such as blood and urine at home, without coming to the hospital from their home
  • Patients who need physical therapy at home
  • Patients who need a doctor at home
  • Those who need nutritional control and support at home
  • Patients who need on-site wound care, dressing support, injection, and serum insertion
  • Relatives of patients who need support in patient care
  • Situations where patient transport is required

Why is Home Care Services Necessary?

  • Reducing the risk of infection that may occur in the health institution of the patient who has undergone surgical procedures (such as surgery, wound, incision)
  • Minimizing the complications of the patient leaving the hospital as a result of post-operative or chronic diseases
  • In cases where a care plan is required according to the needs of the patient who will receive the service
  • In accelerated treatment processes to maximize the patient’s healing power
  • In cases where the patient needs one-to-one home care
  • Minimizing the burden and fatigue of patient relatives
  • Minimizing the risk of re-hospitalization of the discharged patient
  • It is necessary for reasons such as the patient’s ability to receive care in a comfortable way without leaving their immediate surroundings.


It is a health service where patients and their relatives can be examined by our physicians at their location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.) without the need to come to the hospital.


It is a home nurse service that patients and their relatives can receive at their location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.) without the need to come to the hospital in cases where routine control is required. The service period varies hourly, daily, weekly and monthly depending on the patient’s demand.


It is a home care service created to facilitate the post-operative processes of patients undergoing surgery and their relatives and to be by their side.

  • First month services at home after discharge
  • Long-term care at home
  • home support care service
  • Personal care service at home
  • Training and Consulting Services
  • Home Living Space Design Service
  • After Intensive Care Service


Without the need for patients and their relatives to come to the hospital; They can receive physical therapy services by our physiotherapists at their location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.) against bone, joint, muscle, neurological and rheumatic disorders that occur later or congenitally.


The fact that the coronavirus (Covid-19) disease can be easily transmitted in crowded environments creates a danger especially for companies with many employees. You do not have to come to the hospital for the PCR test. Our teams come to your location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.) and take your sample under all health precautions and deliver it to our laboratory.


We are always honored to host you in our Hospitals, but taking samples at your location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.) blood, urine, etc.) we aim to maximize the satisfaction of our valued patients with our service. We ensure that you complete all your laboratory examinations without any problems and in a short time without waiting in line at the hospital, without wasting time on the road, without the need for permission from your job, and we do not take your time.


Our patients; Providing transportation from their homes to health institutions, from health institutions to their homes, and assisting their procedures in the health institution.


Our patients who cannot go to the health institution, who have problems in transportation or who want to get dietitian support at home for any reason; In order to provide evaluations, examination and follow-up services, our dieticians visit people at their location (home, workplace, nursing home, nursing home, etc.). For inpatients, nutrition and diet treatment method is planned according to the characteristics of the disease diagnosed by the physician. The patient’s relatives or nurse are informed about the determined nutrition and diet treatment plan. The recommended diet is inspected and necessary warnings are given. When necessary, the recovery processes of inpatients are followed up at routine intervals, and necessary changes are made in diet and nutrition treatments.

Healthy Eating and Weight Gain

  • Healthy Eating and Weight Control
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy in Diseases
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Treatment
  • Child Nutrition Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Health Services?

It is the provision of the health care service you need in your home or workplace. Our health teams prepare the necessary treatment and care plan for you and provide you with health services at your location.

What Does Home Care Services Provide You?

With Home Care Services, you do not need to come to the hospital. At your location, your health problem is evaluated and the necessary treatment and care planning is done by our expert team.

What Services Are Included in Home Care?

A wide range of health services are offered, from home doctor examination to nursing services, from home physiotherapist to patient-specific care planning at home. In particular, services such as applying serum to the patient, blood collection, wound care, dressing, transferring the patient, injecting the patient, are carried out by professional healthcare teams.

Do You Need to Come to the Hospital in Home Health Services?

All necessary procedures for Home Health Services are carried out by our expert health personnel at your home or workplace.

Who, How and Where Can You Contact for Home Health Services Needs?

To benefit from Home Health Services and to get information;

You can reach our Patient Counselors at 0 392 680 80 80. Our Patient Counselors do all the necessary planning on your behalf in coordination with our Home Health Team.

You can also fill out the form on this page. Price information

Does SGK pay for Home Health Services?

No. Home Health

SGK is not valid for its services.

Can Private Insured Patients Benefit From Home Health Services?

Our Private Insurance Unit checks the insurance package by looking at its content and scope, and informs you in line with the information received from your insurance company.

Is the Contracted Institution Discount Valid in Home Health Services?

Yeah. All our contracted institutions can benefit from Home Health Services at a discount.