Gynecological Oncology

Gynecological Oncology

Processes applied in our Clinic for early diagnosis and treatment of benign and malign diseases affecting the female reproduction system:

Taking smears for cervical cancer screening;

Colposcopy (A procedure during which the surface of cervix is painted by some dyes and is closely examined using a magnifying instrument called colposcope);

Cervical Biopsy (Taking a biopsy from cervix);

Cervical Conization / LEEP (loop electrical excision procedure) (Excision and removal of a cone-shaped sample of tissue from mucous membrane of cervix in patients with pre-cancerous lesions);

Cervix Ca (Cervical Cancer) operations;

Endometrial Ca (Endometrial Cancer) operations;

Ovarian Ca (Ovarian Cancer) operations;

Tube Ca (Tube Cancer) operations; and

Vulva / Vagina Ca operations.