Laparoscopic Surgery (Abdominal–Inguinal Hernia)

Abdominal wall and inguinal hernias are critical since they may cause a clinical picture which requires immediate surgical intervention and is colloquially known as “strangled hernia” characterized by pain and swelling resulting from abdominal wall and inguinal region hernias and hampered vascularization of intra-abdominal organs within hernia sac.

Significant improvements are the innovations in modern tissue repair and augmentation materials used in the treatment of this disease group in recent years and laparoscopic methods successfully applied in surgical treatment of these diseases. Thanks to such innovations and laparoscopic surgery, these diseases can be treated more effectively with less pain.

Abdominal wall and inguinal hernias for which medical or drug treatment is not possible can be successfully treated by using either open or laparoscopic method with our hospital’s advanced facilities and staff experienced in laparoscopic surgery.

Breast can be defined as an endocrine organ carrying tissue components constantly impacted by hormonal changes, and whose growth starts at puberty and continue till the period encompassing birth process. This structure of the breast leads to frequent occurrence of some benign and malign diseases.