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Hernia and Reflux Surgery (Laparoscopic)

There is a valve between esophagus and stomach of humans functioning to prevent backflow of foods in the stomach. This valve opens during chewing and allows foods to pass through esophagus to the stomach. It weakens due to excess weight gain, alcohol, extremely fatty foods etc., therefore a closure occurs. In this case, foods and acid released from the stomach for digestion of foods flow back towards esophagus and cause reflux disease. This may cause normal cells in esophagus to change shape in time and transform into malignant, i.e. tumor cells.

Frequent abdominal surgeries and lengthening life expectancy caused an increase in incidence of front abdominal wall and inguinal hernias. Recent developments in diagnosis and treatment of this disease group are also very fast. Our hospital supports its patients with diagnostic and laparoscopic surgical methods used in this disease group.