Emergency and Ambulance Services - Kolan British Hospital

Emergency and Ambulance Services

In the Emergency Department of Kolan British Hospital, it provides 24-hour service based on patient care in the light of current and scientific truths with its specialized dynamic physician staff and relevant health personnel.

Our emergency department, which is sensitive to the personal needs of the patient, works in coordination with all medical units and the patient’s care follow-up processes are standardized together.

Our patients, who are evaluated by the Emergency Service specialists, are quickly referred to the relevant medical department when deemed necessary after the relevant examinations and treatments are performed.

In our emergency department, which is served by using medical devices; resuscitation (CRP) room, 6-bed intensive care unit, trauma room, emergency patient evaluation and all support units make the most appropriate and most effective intervention in a timely manner.

Ambulance services within Kolan British Hospital can be reached by calling (392) 680-8080.