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Cosmetology (Botox, Filling, PRP, Mesotherapy)

Facial cosmetic problems are various facial wrinkles (forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, thin cheek wrinkles and smoker lines), sagging cheeks, deteriorated face oval shape, under-eye sagging and browning, and thin lips.

We perform Botox treatment for forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and eyebrow lifting; facial filling for nasolabial folds, lip thickening and smoker lines; and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment for sagging cheeks, deteriorated face oval shape, and under-eye sagging and browning.

Botox treatments are initially administered once every 6 months, and then, once a year or two years. We use Botox of Allergan, which contains Botilinium toxin A, a food poisoning microbe. This product used at the doses that do not cause symptoms such as poisoning relaxes the respective muscle with wrinkles by reducing nerve conduction thereof. When the muscle relaxes, the wrinkles disappear. Naturally, in high doses, it completely blocks the muscular motion. It is administered with lower doses in individuals that do not want to lose their mimics. Side effects include drooping eyelid, strabismus, angry facial expression, facial asymmetry, and injection site reddening and bruising. When it is performed on a site that is 2 cm or more distant from the eye socket, the said side effects related to eyes do not occur. If it is administered at an equal total dose to both sides of the face, facial asymmetry does not occur.

Thin cheek wrinkles, nasolabial folds, lips wrinkles and smoker lines are filled by filling treatment. We use hyaluronic acid fillers with semi-permanent effect, and thus, repeat administrations once every one to two years. The filling material is injected into the wrinkles from top to bottom by using a special injector. Since this treatment is painful in cases of nasolabial folds and lip wrinkles, local anesthesia is performed. The side effects arising from the said treatment are just temporary effects such as injection site reddening and bruising.

To obtain platelet rich plasma, 8 ml of venous blood is taken into tubes of PRP Kit Regen ACR-C. A centrifugation operation is performed at 1500 g. The supernatant plasma that is lightly jelly-like is the platelet rich plasma. This plasma contains at least 1.500.000 platelets.

Platelet rich plasma was initially used in clinical setting for attaching dental implants, and then, started to be used in the wound healing, the joint, cartilage and muscle healing, and the skin rejuvenation for aesthetical reasons. Owing to platelets’ content composed of various growth factors that attract stem cells to the PCR-injected or -masked region, PCR has an excellent ability to regenerate.

For body cosmetic problems, we perform regional fat melting, skin tightening, elimination of cellulitis and cracks, and nipple enhancement. We use mesotherapy and PRP methods for such problems. We do filling injections for nipple enhancement too.