Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

Kolan British Hospital Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery clinics of medicine in 2012, using all the modern facilities, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus now configured to provide good health care. The department provides services with its experienced staff, all diseases related to heart and vascular diseases, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up actions are carried out.

Only in certain centers in our country, especially the beating heart bypass surgery, coronary artery disease (bypass), valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease, cardiovascular disease (vascular occlusion, and varicose expansions) performed successfully in our department.

Since 2005, nearly 18,000 coronary angiography, performed 3,500 coronary stenting and open-heart surgery Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery 3000 team serves the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as of December 2012.

Our mission, our region and nationally competent, ethical rules of the profession considering implementing, the investigator and interrogator with our team of specialist health care services above the world standards is to provide patients with the heart and blood vessels.

Technological equipment and expert staff Kolan British Hospital Clinic of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Intensive Care Unit, Outpatient, cardiac catheterization, coronary angiography and stent applications, Permanent Pacemaker, Echocardiography, Stress Test ECG (treadmill test), Rhythm Holter, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, Coronary Bypass Surgery, Heart Valve Surgery, Congenital Heart Disease surgery, arteries and veins (varicose veins) serves the areas of Operations.

Coronary Angiography

Vessels supplying the heart muscle (coronary arteries) is a narrowing or blockage that prevents blood flow to investigate whether there is a diagnostic procedure applied. Coronary angiography was performed, and the method of any interference with the vessels of the heart and heart vessels open. However, if there is the location and severity of the stenosis of coronary arteries are detected.

Using this method the patient is awake. Coronary heart vessel pulling movies, if any narrowing or blockage is detected. Right and left coronary artery supplying the heart painted separately given substance is filmed. After the operation is completed, the location of the first entry wrist, arm or leg between 2-6 hours depending on whether the artery of the region with a sandbag weights on the entrance hole is expected to cover a solid.

Dist. Dr. Coronary angiography and stent Call Semirgin and practices carried out by the team, according to the need of the patient (age, concomitant diseases, such as peripheral vascular disorders.) Wrist (radial artery), arm (brachial artery) or groin (femoral artery) regions using a local anesthetic eşliğimde applied.

WHO APPLIED Coronary Angiography?

Chest pain suggestive of coronary artery stenosis and occlusion, which from time immemorial a beginner or chest pain, increasingly violent, do not respond to drugs, patients are at high risk of having a heart attack.

According to the results of coronary angiography, the patient is a by-pass surgery or balloon-stent procedure must be to know and accept. According to the results of coronary angiography, the patient is a necessary by-pass surgery or balloon coronary angiography procedure is not considered to be a beginning point in the process, and is of no benefit at all. Given the sheer curiosity during the process in order to eliminate possible complications of coronary angiography should be avoided.

Bypass surgery

Blockage of the arteries that feed the heart (coronary artery disease), which is related to the heart and its blood supply bypass surgery with inadequate nutrition, re-executed to blood and heart back to health.

By-pass surgery department, Dr Operator. GÜLMEZ Aaron and his team, carried out using the beating heart and the heart-lung machine. Duration of the operation, although it depends on the number of vessels to be processed between 1 to 4 hours per course.

Patients after surgery, heart and vascular surgery, intensive care unit, with all the facilities of modern medicine is followed by specially trained personnel. The average remaining days in intensive care patients referred to the service of the improved general condition. Planned discharge of the patient’s clinical situation warrants, within 5-6 days. Outpatient drug therapy and diet controls, called the patient at regular intervals.

Heart valve surgery

And the pump function of the heart that allows blood circulation in the body organ which runs non-stop. Heart valves, allowing the passage of blood in one direction, and the direction to control the blood circulate inside the heart.

Our heart is forced to work more than heart valve problems. Heart valve diseases, due to various reasons (usually rheumatic) occurs. Mechanical heart valve or biological valve surgeries are performed in appropriate indications.

Similarly bypass surgery and postoperative follow-up of patients who underwent routine preoperative preparation discharging, planned within 5-6 days if the patient’s condition. Patient clinic at regular intervals, called controls.

Artery disease

Clogged arteries in various parts of the body, narrow, inconvenient can be enlarged. These diseases can not be treated on the loss of organ function (eg, for the leg to walk), can progress to gangrene and loss of body can lead to a variety of clinical conditions.

Artery surgery successfully performed in our clinic. The remaining patients on an average day in the ICU, planned discharge of 2-3 days.

Venous diseases

Venous diseases, primarily covers many diseases, including varicose veins. Vein (venous) disease, inflammation, congestion (deep vein thrombosis) are often kaşılaşılan disease groups. Particularly close to the continuous monitoring of venous diseases and disorders. Of these patients are diagnosed and treated in our clinic.

Expansion of capillaries, outpatient therapy in appropriate patients are treated with sclerotherapy. In advanced cases, varicose veins surgery patient comfort by keeping at the forefront of precision is applied.