Urological Cancers

In Kolan British Hospital Urology department, all modern surgical and medical methods are used in the treatment of urological cancer diseases.


Nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy in early stage prostate cancer is successfully performed by an experienced team of physicians in the urology clinic.


For bladder (urinary bladder) cancer, surgeries are performed to completely remove the bladder (radical cystectomy). In appropriate cases, a bladder is created from the intestine and the patient can be allowed to urinate normally.


Radical nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy surgeries for kidney cancer are performed by open method and, in appropriate cases, by laparoscopic method.
Radical orchiectomy surgeries are performed for ovarian (testicular) cancers in men. Surgery is also performed in our clinic in cases where testicular tumors spread to the lymph nodes. Very successful results are obtained.